The Young Lives Team

Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Scientific Director, Canada Research Chair (Young Lives in Global/Local Contexts Tier I) & Professor.

University of Prince Edward Island team:

Dr. Brandi Bell, Assistant Director; Post-doctoral Fellow

Ross Dwyer, Research Manager

Valerie Campbell, Doctoral Research Associate (Digital Media)

Debbie MacDonald, International Project Manager (Wekimün)

Matthew Munro, Senior Research Assistant (SEAK & ACCESS-MH)

Patricia Altass, Senior Research Assistant (SEAK)

Sarah Gallant, Senior Research Assistant (ACCESS-MH)

Heather Barnick, Senior Research Assistant (Digital Media)

Gabriela Arias de Sanchez, Doctoral Research Associate (Wekimün)

National and International team:

Kristina Zoller, Wekimün Associate Project Manager

Manuel Muñoz Millalonko, Wekimün Project Co-Lead and School Co-Director (Chile)

Ana María Olivera Fuentes, Wekimün Community Development Leader & School Co-Director (Chile)

Karima Kinlock, Research Associate (Toronto)

Natalie Baker, Doctoral Research Associate (Toronto)

Moira Ferguson, Doctoral Research Associate (Sudbury)

Past Lab Associates & Researchers:

In memoriam, James Rodd, Doctoral Research Associate

Ruby Madigan, Lab Manager; Research Assistant

Dr. Tracy Deyell, Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. Janet Loebach, Post-doctoral Fellow

Natalie Sullivan, Research Assistant

Joshua Talebi, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brittany A. E. Jakubiec, Doctoral Research Associate

Jennifer Macphail, Research and Administrative Assistant (Wekimün)

Samantha Pedersen, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Young Lives Research Lab)