The Young Lives Team

Team July 31 14

The YLRL Team: (Clockwise from centre) Kate Tilleczek, Ruby Madigan, Brandi Bell, Debbie MacDonald, Janet Loebach, Valerie Campbell, Matthew Munro

Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Scientific Director, Canada Research Chair (Young Lives in Global/Local Contexts Tier I) & Professor.

University of Prince Edward Island team:

Dr. Brandi Bell, Assistant Director; Post-doctoral Fellow

Ross Dwyer, Research Manager

Valerie Campbell, Data Manager; Doctoral Research Associate

Debbie MacDonald, International Project Manager (Wekimün)

Matthew Munro, Senior Research Associate (SEAK & ACCESS-MH)

Patrisha Altass, Senior Research Associate (SEAK)

Gabriela Arias de Sanchez, Doctoral Research Associate (Wekimün)

Sarah Gallant, Graduate Research Associate (ACCESS-MH)

Samantha Pedersen, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Young Lives Research Lab)

National and International team:

Kristina Zoller, Wekimün Associate Project Manager

Manuel Muñoz Millalonko, Wekimün Project Co-Lead and School Co-Director (Chile)

Ana María Olivera Fuentes, Wekimün Community Development Leader & School Co-Director (Chile)

Karima Kinlock, Research Associate (Toronto)

Natalie Baker, Doctoral Research Associate (Toronto)

Moira Ferguson, Doctoral Research Associate (Sudbury)

Past Lab Associates & Researchers:

In memoriam, James Rodd, Doctoral Research Associate

Ruby Madigan, Lab Manager; Research Associate

Dr. Tracy Deyell, Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. Janet Loebach, Post-doctoral Fellow

Natalie Sullivan, Research Associate

Joshua Talebi, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brittany A. E. Jakubiec, Doctoral Research Associate

Jennifer Macphail, Research and Administrative Assistant (Wekimün)