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“Collaborate, Innovate, Disseminate”


Funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the UPEI Qualitative Research Lab (QRL) provides a range of equipment and training to outfit researchers for field work in the community and a facility to analyze data and prepare scholarly works.

The Lab provides remote data acquisition technology to help researchers capture stories, experiences, and cultures of interest. Researchers access transcription, analysis, and dissemination technologies and use the QRL’s state of the art Co-Laboratory to meet and share information with researchers around the world, using Skype or Adobe Connect.

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Data Collection

  • Lab equipmentDigital audio recorders
  • High-Definition Camcorders
  • Professional video camera
  • Professional lighting kit
  • Digital cameras
  • Apple and PC laptops
  • Livescribe Smartpens
  • Tableau Data Mining Software

Data Transcription and Analysis

  • Audio transcription kits
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 12
  • NVivo 10
  • Atlas.ti 6
  • Alceste 2010 Enterprise
  • Lexico 3
  • SPAD

Knowledge mobilization/dissemination

  • Adobe Production Suite 5 (audio/video editing)


Please contact us for a detailed description of the equipment and software available for use, and for information on in-kind contributions for research. See below the Terms of Reference regarding the use of Lab equipment, and the storing and security of data.

Valerie Campbell – Research Manager

  • vcampbell@upei.ca
  • (902) 620-5151
  • Dalton Hall Room 406

Matthew Munro – QRL Manager

  • cyct@upei.ca
  • (902) 620-5174
  • Dalton Hall Room 414

Terms of Reference

Data storage and security

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