Dr. Kate Tilleczek

Kate Tilleczek, Director (BA Hon, BEd, MA, PhD)

I have been examining the lives and times of children and youth for over two decades. I am currently a SSHRC-funded Canada Research Chair (Young Lives in Global/Local Contexts) and Full Professor in the Faculty of Education and Arts (Sociology and Anthropology) and founder and director of the Young Lives Research Lab and Qualitative Research Lab (CFI-funded) at the University of Prince Edward Island.

The Young Lives Research Lab is currently funded by SSHRC, CIHR, CFI, and DFTATD to study the ways in which modern societies marginalize and treat their young. I am pleased to work with interdisciplinary and international teams of wonderful and talented people on 4 clusters of research: 1) the impacts of technology on young lives over time and place; 2) youth pathways into and out of mental health; 3) re-imagining education; and 4) emerging theory and methodology.  Together we aim to witness and speak about young lives in global and local contexts.