Dr. Brandi Bell

Assistant Director; CIHR Post-doctoral Fellow (BA Honours, MA, PhD)

Brandi is Assistant Director and a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Postdoctoral Fellow. She is currently coordinating qualitative Patient Journeys research for tBBell bio piche ACCESS Mental Health project and is co-lead researcher for the SEAK project, in addition to working on a variety of other initiatives focused on youth mental health. She holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Concordia University where her research focused on media representations of youth as social and political actors. Brandi is interested in using qualitative research methodologies to understand youth experiences and involving young people in shaping their own social participation, especially through cultural production. Brandi joined the team in January 2014 after working in the UPEI School of Nursing on school health research since 2008.

Dr. Brandi Bell’s CV (Updated July 2016)
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