The CEA and UPEI introduce “The Facts on Education Series”

Our Young Lives Research Manager Valerie Campbell has published a series on “The Facts of Education”. This project is a team effort between the Canadian Education Association and the University of Prince Edward Island, and is sponsored by the Canadian School Boards Association.

“The primary goal of this project is to get relevant and needed research into the hands of parents and other interested people. They are written in plain language on topics of interest to parents, such as homework and class size”.

Follow the links below to review each report:

The Facts on Education: What is the Value of Standardized Testing?

The Facts on Education: Under what conditions does technology impact learning?

The Facts on Education: Do good grades in high school guarantee post-secondary success?

The Facts on Education: How can we create conditions for Aboriginal student success in our public schools?

The Facts on Education: What are effective approaches to improving students’ mental well-being?