2013 Year in Review

It’s been an exciting year for Kate and the Young Lives Research Lab at UPEI.

The lab has seen major transformations, with the completion of the CFI funded research ColabCFIcentre and collaboratory, along with the addition of new qualitative software and computer hardware that are advancing Qualitative research at UPEI to new and exciting levels.

See UPEI Qualitative Research Lab.

The lab has changed and so has the team, with new members Monica Kelly and Matthew Munro joining the staff at UPEI in the fall of ’13. With so many projects in motion at a local, national, and international level, and a team that will continue to grow in 2014, members new and old are busy researching and coordinating the projects for the Young Lives Research Lab.

See Research Team.

Some great strides have been made in Chile, with the Wekimun Rural Training Centre. Canadian team wekiumgraduatesmembers made the trip south in 2013 to improve school infrastructure and outfit the school with internet and computers. The project saw its first graduates in October (pictured right) and in February 2014 another team from UPEI will return to Chile. The goals are to further community engagement, further curriculum development, and discuss new opportunities for the Wekimun School.

See  project Wekimun Rural Training Centre

Finally, the year has wrapped up very nicely for Kate. After being awarded the Canadian whitworthEducation Association (CEA) Whitworth Award for research in education, Kate traveled to University of Oxford to present at the Young Lives UK Seminar Series, only to return to Canada to be officially awarded the Tier I Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Young Lives in Global/Local Contexts. Everyone is extremely proud of the research she has done and are excited to keep the momentum going into the upcoming year!

CEA Whitworth Award