First graduates from Wekimun school in Chiloe, Chile


A group of UPEI staff and faculty recently participated, via Skype, in a graduation ceremony for the first class from Wekimun, a school in Chiloe, Chile created by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded project on rural training for Aboriginal youth in Chile.

These graduates participated in an experimental course in the local indigenous dialect of Williche, an educational need decided through consultation with the community. The Wekimun center provides gender-inclusive, contemporary education and training that reconnects trainees to their elders’ knowledge in areas such as agriculture, marine industries, and businesses in rural and urban settings in Williche territories. See project

Dr. Tilleczek said that, “The first graduation was a delightful ceremony in which all the collaborations and hard work of the international team had been realized in the faces and experiences of these students”.