This is the home site of Dr. Kate Tilleczek’s research community.

Kate has been examining the lives and social contexts of children and youth for twenty years. She is the founder and director of the Young Lives Research Lab and Qualitative Research Lab (CFI- funded) at the University of Prince Edward Island. We are proud to announce that as of May 21, 2014 Kate has officially been awarded the Tier I Canada Research Chair in Young Lives in Global/Local Contexts.

The Young Lives Research Lab is concerned with the ways in which modern societies can marginalize their young and strives to provide nuanced examinations of the daily lives and struggles of young lives. Dr. Tilleczek is currently engaged in 3 clusters of research relating to the impacts of the modern world on young lives: 1) re-imagining schools for and with marginalized youth; 2) educational and social impacts of technology on young lives over time and place; 3) pathways to and from mental health for young people.